My cat loves beachesMy beloved cat can always enjoy AC during hot summer days, but it struck me how a thick fur kitty can handle the heat while I was literally melting there. I could only think of myself being fully dressed in leather riding suit, but that wasn’t any more scientific answer than understanding CryptoKitties… So I have sat down and started my own research so I can get better in understanding my cat, and prepare better for the next time I’ll take him for a ride.

It looks like even though our cats are known to be desert animals, they handle the heat same as people. Our kitties have it even a bit worst, as they only sweat through their foot pads in order to get rid of excess heat. If the body temperature rises, the cat will suffer heat exhaustion and eventually heat stroke. In case the body temperature is not brought down quickly, serious organ damage or death could result. This means we have to pay attention of the place and condition our kitty – or kitties as my good friend already has 7 of them – we leave them before heading to work.

But don’t worry, even with temperatures going over 30C+ (86F+) during the summer, our cats will do just fine, as long as you provide them with enough of fresh water and if you’ll get them some cool place for them to spend the day, you shouldn’t be too much worried. I always open the door to bathroom, which is the coolest place in my place and my kitty is doing perfect.

However, in case you’ll see your kitty behaving abnormally, like…

  • They have sweaty paws.
  • They may be restless and constantly be trying to find somewhere cooler.
  • Excessively groom to try and cool off.
  • Stumble and seem disorientated.
  • They have heavy panting.
  • Start to drool.
  • Their tongue and gums may be bright pink or red.
  • They may lie down more often than usual and breathe heavily.
  • They vomit.

…you should take kitty straight to veterinarian!

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